Everybody that comes to their 30th has a great time—everybody!! Ask any of your friends??   Nobody remembers or cares what kind of student you were, if you went to all the football games or what your SAT scores were.. As it turns out, that has nothing to do with how much happiness you've had in your life. Remember you’re coming for the war stories, friendship and fond memories.

Senior Quad, ​McDonalds, Friday Night Football Games, Track Meets, Yearbook, Mr. Gwynn's Class, (WHAM) On The Edge of Heaven, Flock of Seagulls, Rad Van, The Growl, Husky Combo, Chili's, Yah Yah That's the Ticket, KROQ, In n Out, Toga Parties, Depeche Mode, "Rad"

There is no guarantee that coming will cure those recurring dreams of missing class, but it will however, give you the satisfaction of seeing many of your classmates who have to suffer the same way.  Have a laugh, a drink, a good story.. it's going to be fun.  On behalf of the planning committee, we hope this letter finds you in great health and spirits. We have a tremendous amount to be thankful for; let’s celebrate together, again. Block the time, get a loved one to watch the kids or grandkids, book your flight, reserve your room—be here for the 30th on the 24th! Remember, if there’s only one reunion you’ll attend in your life, this is it!

It's been great hearing back from the alumnae..

"Dude, I can hardly wait to wear my #18 football jersey to the reunion!"
Joel R

"Man. I looked good in high school but I look better now!"
Chris B

​"Hi, can't remember your name either"
Gary M

"I don't want to brag or make anyone jealous but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school"
Catherine A.